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Microneedling with Dermapen 4: Process and Aftercare

Are you looking for microneedling in Leicester? ND Skin Aesthetics is to the rescue. At our luxurious and friendly clinic we use the latest ground-breaking technology to ensure we deliver the best results. We achieve this through the use of Dermapen brands and products at our clinic. Dermapen 4 is an electronic ‘pen’ like device that consists of small disposable needle tips that are used on all areas of the face. The depth and intensity of the needle will be adjusted and tailored to each individual client’s needs. The sensitivity of the skin will also be taken into account whilst performing this treatment. Providing you with the best treatment of microneedling in Leicester! Hello, ND Skin Aesthetics.

- Improved elasticity - Youthful appearance - Skin rejuvenation - Collagen induction - Skin repair - Improved skin tone - Improved skin texture - Reduces appearance of scars- Acne scars - Melasma - Stretch marks - Fine lines - Wrinkles - Hyperpigmentation - Enlarged pores - Textured skin

The device:

Dermapen 4 is the latest, fastest and smartest microneedling device on the market. ND Skin Aesthetics provides exceptional skin treatments such as microneedling in Leicester with Dermapen 4. With the ability to deliver exceptional results with no downtime whilst being virtually pain free. Although the treatment is fairly comfortable the option of using topical anesthetic cream to numb the area can also be applied. 

The Process of Microneedling in Leicester at ND Skin Aesthetics:

Dermapen is set

We firstly use a sterile needle cartridge. We only use disposable brand new sterile needles which will be disposed of straight away after your session has completed. 


Cleanser is applied to the treatment area such as the face. We will cleanse your face and wipe away any impurities.


The next step is to exfoliate your face and remove any dead skin cells.

Hot towel cleaning

We use a heated towel to ensure there is no residue of products on the skin. The warm healing properties of the towel will also soothe and relax you. 

Disinfectant toner

This toner will help ensure your face is disinfected to ensure treatment is carried out on a hygienic surface area.

Serum cocktail

At this stage we will apply a serum that is tailored to your skin to ensure optimal results are delivered.

Dermapen Procedure

We will now seamlessly glide the device across your face in planned and controlled actions. Each area will be targeted and tailored in accordance to the level of sensitivity of your skin.


After the microneedling procedure is completed we will apply a mask which will include ingredients that will penetrate deep into the skin.

Gel pads

We will now apply cooling gel pads to push the active ingredients deeper into the skin – whilst keeping you cool!

SPF cream

To ensure your skin is protected we will ensure we apply SPF cream after every treatment. This will also help camouflage any redness

Side effects

At ND Skin Aesthetics microneedling in Leicester our clients health and safety is paramount. Although these side effects are less common, it is important to make all clients aware of any potential side effects before the treatment is carried out. Possible side effects include but are not limited to; temporary redness, skin irritation, discomfort, swelling, skin peeling and skin dryness. However, this is nothing to worry about. Such side effects and skin reactions will only last for a couple of days. Beautiful skin is within arms reach!


– 1 hour: You may still experience possible redness or pinpoint bleeding
– 1-2 days: Your may experience redness, tightness and itching
– 3-4 days: The effects will reduce, however, you may experience minor skin flaking or dryness.
– Day 5: Your skin should have recovered at this stage.
– 2-6 weeks: During this period you will be able to see your skin improving. The improvement in wrinkles, pigmentation, texture and scarring will be evident.


– Do not wear makeup. Your pores need the space and time to breathe! Applying makeup can cause breakouts.
– Keep your skin clean with natural gentle products. You can use a mild cooling face mask if required.
– Avoid direct exposure to the sun for the first couple of days. Apply SPF 30 or above and use moisturiser to protect your skin.
– Avoid using active ingredients such as acids and retinol.
– Avoid strenuous activity – it’s time to skip the gym! This will avoid bacteria entering into your pores.
– Avoid hot showers, saunas and steam rooms.

For more information come visit our friendly and trendy office. ND Skin Aesthetics microneedling in Leicester provides free and friendly consultations. Microneedling in Leicester treatments packages start from £150. Our clinicians can create and tailor packages specifically to suit your needs! Get that plump, collagen-boosted, dreamlike skin today!

ND skin Aesthetics is amazing I have been in twice for microneedling if you haven’t had it done I really recommend it my skin has healed and cleared up so much and it’s practically clear and smooth also the service is brilliant there not rude there all so lovely and kind😁

Maddison Grace

Verified Google Review

I would highly recommend ND Skin Aesthetics as had the best experience first time there. Naz was so lovely so welcoming explained the benefits of the micro needling . results were amazing thank you so much loved it xx

Jaimal Parmar

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