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Soprano Titanium – the science behind the machine

The Soprano Titanium is a medical grade laser hair removal machine created by Alma. We are one of the fewest clinics in the East Midlands to offer laser hair removal in Leicester with the world’s latest technology.

Sopranos Titanium Text

This amazing out-of-this world laser hair removal machine features a user-friendly large screen and clinically proven 3d technology. Providing unmatched results whilst being a true market leader in the industry. So, why is the Soprano Titanium considered a market leader in the industry? It is suitable for skin tones I-VI and tanned skins. The large applicator with a spot size of 4cm² means that treatments will be more efficient and faster. Therefore, providing our laser hair removal Leicester clients with a better overall experience. Simply perfect!

3-in-1 wavelengths

Now, we don’t want to bore you with technological jargon. However, it really is amazing to know the key features of this laser hair removal machine. Featuring the combination of 3 different wavelengths in one single applicator. This means that the hair follicles are targeted at different stages of their hair growth. Resulting in faster treatments, Ultimately, saving you time and money. The 3 wavelengths combined are the following:

  • Alex 755nm – Suitable for lighter thin hair
  • Diode 810nm – Treats a variety of hair types fast
  • Yag 1064nm – Perfect for darker skin types

This 3d technology means that less sessions are required as all hair follicles are targeted at the same time. No matter what your skin type or hair type ND Skin Aesthetics laser hair removal Leicester is able to provide you with excellent results. Get bikini body ready!

Fitzpatrick Scale

Did you know the Soprano Titanium is the only laser hair removal machine that is FDA approved for all skin types. Treating every skin tone on the Fitzpatrick scale safely and effectively. Oh, yes please! Whether you are Indian skin toned, have a fair or dark complexion and want to remove unwanted hair then laser hair removal is for you. 

Dual Connector

There are two different sized applicators to be used on different areas of the body. Providing more flexibility. Making it easier for our clinicians to switch between applicators in ease! Making your sessions efficient and effective. 


The Soprano Titanium uses advanced technology ICE PLUS. This keeps the skin cool throughout the entire process, ensuring customers are kept cool and comfortable. The temperature is controlled so you do not have to ever worry about overheating your skin!

The Soprano Titanium employs a trio of wavelengths simultaneously. The large application head makes it 40% faster to laser the entire body compared to other laser hair removal machines. ND Skin Aesthetics Laser Hair Removal Leicester only prides itself on using a globally trusted machine on clients that is safe and suitable for all skin types. We offer a number of packages tailored to our clients individual needs. Hair today, gone tomorrow!

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