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Top 10 advantages of laser hair removal

You are probably thinking about getting laser hair removal done, however, you might not be quite sure about the benefits. Well, we are here to explain to you the top 10 benefits of laser hair removal! 
If you have read one of our earlier blogs you will know laser hair removal is the process of using a focused beam of laser to destroy the hair follicle at the very root. At ND Skin Aesthetics laser hair removal in Leicester we use the world’s latest laser hair removal machine that is currently the best in the the market- the Soprano Titanium. 
We have outlined below the top 10 advantages of laser hair removal:


Treatment is painless and almost delivers a massage-like sensation. Oh yes, please! With the added advantage of no stubble, no dark marks, no shaving, no waxing… just silky smooth skin! It’s time to achieve the skin you have been dreaming of! At ND Skin Aesthetics laser hair removal Leicester we use the latest machine with a cooling technology keeping our clients cool, comfortable and relaxed.

Suitable for all skin tones and hair types

Effective results for light, dark, fine or coarse hair. Suitable for light skin, black skin and Indian skin tones- suitable for all skin tones! This is what we highly pride ourselves in. At ND Skin Aesthetics, we provide laser hair removal in Leicester for everyone – regardless of your skin tone, colour or type.

advantages of laser hair removal


Did you know that we spend several hours each year removing unwanted body hair? This is time consuming, inefficient and expensive. Take advantage of permanent hair removal without wasting countless hours of your precious time! The treatment sessions are efficient and effective on smaller areas, and even larger areas. Depending upon the areas of your face and body a different applicator will be used to ensure the area is treated in the best way possible.

No-down time

You can return back to your normal activities as soon as your sessions are complete. Hit the gym or even go back to work! Our sessions are relatively quick, due to the high standard of laser hair removal machines that we use. There are many laser hair removal salons, offering a low-quality, low-value service with short-lived results. ND Skin Aesthetics laser hair removal in Leicester, prides itself on providing clients with skin solutions and hair removal services across Leicester and surrounding areas.

Access all areas

Great for all parts of the body, including hard-to-reach areas such as ears, nostrils and bikini line.  Don’t be shy, we have seen it all! We offer tailored packages specific to the area of the face or body you wish to treat. We find our full body and face laser hair removal Leicester packages are the most popular. From underarms, legs, face and back. Our packages are tailored to each individual to fulfill their needs.


The cost of laser hair removal treatment may seem like a large sum, however, we actually spend hundreds of pounds a year on short-term ineffective hair removal methods that result in non-permanent solutions. Instead of continuously paying for the ongoing treatment of threading and waxing, you can now simply pay for a number of sessions. This will be much more efficient in the long term.

Life enhancing

We are proud to say laser hair removal really does make a difference in your life, providing you with one less thing to worry about – hair removal. It’s time to make a change. You have had enough of constantly worrying about whether you can wear that skirt, or that small tank top without thinking first if you have removed hair from your legs or underarms! Unlike waxing, where you will have to wait for your hair to grow to a certain length before getting removed. Laser hair removal allows you to shave between your appointments. This means that the skin can remain hairless throughout the process, as there is no nasty growth between stages. You will be able to see your hair grow back much lighter and finer right before your eyes!

Perfect Woman Spa Model with Healthy Skin. Spa Beauty, Facial Treatment and Cosmetology Concept

Skin quality

The removal of unwanted hair can help improve the appearance of your skin. The reduction of stubble and strawberry skin is a thing of the past! You can show off your bare skin in confidence. Saw hello to bikini-ready bodies all year around! Laser hair removal sessions can begin anytime throughout the year in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter. No matter what your skin tone, texture or type laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types with the Soprano Titanium. 

Suitable for men and women

With growing popularity, laser hair removal is suitable for men and women. Whether it’s for hygiene reasons or personal preference this form of hair removal is preferred by men and women worldwide. Packages are tailored specifically in the interest of the client. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman we gladly remove hair for hygienic or aesthetic reasons. We offer a number of laser hair removal Leicester packages for you to choose from covering your face and body.

No negatives!

Let’s beat the myth of laser hair removal being painful. At ND Skin Aesthetics laser hair removal Leicester we only use the state-of-the-art laser hair removal machine to ensure results are perfect. The Soprano Titanium ensures our clients are receiving the treatment they deserve. Trustworthy, effective and long-lasting. We take pride in giving our customers peace of mind. You will receive the highest level of comfort and the optimal treatment you desire.

We have rounded up the top 10 advantages of laser hair removal. From being cost-effective to improving skin quality and being pain-free! The number of advantages are endless and certainly worth the process! Say goodbye to prickly skin and ingrown hair and hello to smooth silky skin! Come visit our laser hair removal Leicester clinic! Our experienced Aestheticians and friendly staff are ready to support you with a free in   dividual consultation. Start your journey today!

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