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Which treatment is best for you: Dermarolling or Dermapen?

Are you in need of ultimate skin rejuvenation? Microneedling might be the answer. This cosmetic procedure is known as ‘collagen induction therapy’. The procedure of small needles puncturing through the skin’s surface. Stimulate that collagen production, baby! Although Microneedling itself has been around for decades; treatments are constantly being updated along with the latest technological advancements. At ND Skin Aesthetics microneedling Leicester we only provide the best-of-the-best. Our clients are provided with the highest quality of care and premium levels of treatments from world renowned devices.

From Kim Kardashians’ ‘vampire facial’ to at-home dermarolling kits. There are highly-advanced to non-invasive levels of microneedling treatments. Microneedling itself has many benefits if performed correctly. It helps with fine lines, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scars and enlarged pores – regardless of your skin tone. Sounds perfect right? Well yes, this cosmetic procedure has to be performed with utmost care and precision to ensure results are optimal within a sterile environment.


The trend of dermarolling has been trending on tiktok and instagram over the last few years. We are here to bring light on the good, the bad, and the prickly. As we all know, a dermaroller is a handheld device resembling a ‘mini-wheel’ in which you can manually glide the needles over your skin. Dermarollers are very easily available to purchase from any large retailer or beauty store. They are fairly affordable and perceived as being the coolest and latest addition to your beauty regimen. Dermarolling is something that you can do in the comfort of your own home which makes it even more convenient. Although this may seem appealing, the benefits stop right there. At-home dermarolling is a big NO-NO! The risks of carrying out a cosmetic facial treatment with an inexperienced practitioner such as yourself with no guidance, knowledge or clinical level of hygiene is extremely risky. At-home derma rollers can leave your skin traumatised leading to scars, hyperpigmentation and infection if used incorrectly. The procedure of dermarolling ultimately means the pressure, consistency and depth of needles penetrating the skin will be uncontrolled. So, what is the solution to achieving feather-like skin? Please welcome, Dermapen.


Dermapen is known as a microneedling electronic device. Dermapen and ‘skin rejuvenation’ go hand-in-hand. ND Skin Aesthetics provides microneedling in Leicester to a range of clients. This microneedling device reduces fine lines, acne scars and stretch marks providing you with the skin of your dreams. As you can tell, we are a *little* obsessed! But, can you blame us? The unique spring loaded needle tip provides permanent results. The sterilised needles are disposable and adjustable to help cater to individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin care and skin treatments.

The depth of the needle tips will be adjusted depending upon the treatment areas, delicate facial areas and contours of the face. ND Skin Aesthetics provides microneedling in Leicester with the use of Dermapen 4. The latest digital device which provides faster, more accurate vertical movements. The physical non-invasive puncture of the skin generates collagen and elastin production helping the skin literally rejuvenate itself! It is a non-invasive procedure penetrating the skin. This allows new collagen production without damaging the cells.

ND Skin Aesthetics Microneedling Leicester

The improvement in skin texture will be evident from the first treatment session. Our clinicians and aestheticians are highly experienced in providing microneedling treatment at our Leicester clinic. The microneedling treatment provided with Dermapen 4 effectively minimises pain with limited pinpoint bleeding. Exceptional results that are cost effective and permanent. This ground breaking technology is a revolutionary breakthrough – for beautiful, silky-smooth feather-like skin. The Dermapen 4 is known as a stamping microneedling device. These needles create controlled perforations in the skin. Poking holes in the skin? Yes, although this sounds a bit intense and invasive, it really is not. Poking tiny holes in the skin’s barrier creates controlled damage. This activates collagen induction through the creation of trauma on to the skin within a sterile clean environment.

Microneedling also helps elevate other skin and beauty procedures such as better absorption. This is because by puncturing your skin, products can reach deeper into the skin rather than simply reaching the outermost layer. It’s time to put your worries to rest. There have been tons of clinical trials and research to help support the benefits of microneedling. At ND Skin Aesthetics microneedling Leicester we ensure our clients are provided with treatments within a hygienic clinically sterile environment. Safety, care, and quality are at the heart of our company’s ethos. Microneedling with Dermapen 4 is safe for all skin tones – light, dark and in-between! The stamping device does not generate heat or cause any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. At-home dermarolling kits can cause more trauma as the device is not controlled. The amount of pressure being applied to delicate skin will vary and the needle depth is usually very deep. In extreme cases this can cause damage to the skin and cause permanent scarring. Using the same device also leads to infection. At ND Skin Aesthetics microneedling in Leicester is performed with sterile needles that are disposable and never used again! 

The Dermapen 4 uses a stamping movement, a sort of ‘up-down’ plunging movement. There is no dragging and the amount of pressure applied is controlled. It is gentle and much more consistent in comparison to dermarolling. This means that the size can be adjusted accordingly. Our clinicians are extremely careful and highly trained. It is imperative to be careful around the eye as this is the thinnest part of skin on our entire body. This level of control allows us to control the depth applied to the skin. Shallow depth or deeper depth is adjusted to promote collagen induction. Depending on how aggressive we need to be there might be pinpoint bleeding as tiny minute holes are punctured into the skin. This will allow ingredients to more effectively penetrate better into the skin. The microneedling treatment will not be painful, however it may be a little uncomfortable. However, we find that our microneedling Leicester treatment is well tolerated by most of our clients. Come visit ND Skin Aesthetics microneedling in Leicester to achieve the skin of your dreams!

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